Home A'Grown 2 Lost in Grew York (Growtopia Home Alone 2) RE-UP 1 year ago

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We worked super hard for 4 months to create this video, from September to December 2017.

It was eventually blocked by YouTube because of one scene: when Kevin is watching the black and white movie. It didn't matter that we changed the original voices or edited the order in which the dialog was said -- someone representing 20th Century Fox randomly found our little video and thought "this is too much of this one scene from the movie, so let's kill this whole video that took these people forever to make."

Before it got pulled, this video had:
1,343 comments (including from prominent GT YouTubers like ZackCotton, PeterW, ZStep, Brix, and PatriciaTube)
2,779 likes and only 78 dislikes (a 97.2% like/dislike ratio)

Here is a compiled screenshot of some of the comments it received before being removed:

We're re-uploading it now because:
1) We won't monitize it this time. If there are ads on our vid now, it's just YouTube being greedy.
2) We extremely disagree with YouTube's decision to pull it. There are countless other videos that don't change anything of a movie's video or sound, and those videos stay online without warning or being pulled.

Note: we removed the credits at the end of the video

Some fans have asked us to make this movie (and the first) downloadable. We didn't think that was important before, but now we do. Here are links to download both Home A'Grown videos:
Home A'Grown 1 -- https://www19.zippyshare.com/v/ZmpPSx1b/file.html
Home A'Grown 2 -- https://www119.zippyshare.com/v/OQ12vj1W/file.html

We appreciate all of the wonderful feedback from people, and we're so happy you have embraced our Home A'Grown movies. However, because of how our 2nd video has been treated by YouTube, we have decided not to make a Home A'Grown 3 this year. We hope you understand.

============= ORIGINAL DESCRIPTION =================

Growtopia Greviews presents:
Home A'Grown 2 - Lost in Grew York

Again, disaster strikes the McGrallister family on their annual trip to visit the Growch. This time, Kevin ends up on the wrong flight, and finds himself in the city of Grew York. Unfortunately, Harry and Marv have escaped from prison and are on the loose in Grew York as well. What will poor little Kevin do when they find him?

About the creators:
We are two American family members living in Taiwan, who have been playing Growtopia for nearly 4 years. This video took over four months to create, and required the help of two of our local friends who also play GT. We are glad we got it done just in time ~~ Winterfest 2017 started the day we uploaded the final cut.

We're too busy to be weekly GT Youtubers or regular GT forum contributors, but the more feedback and interest this video generates, the more it will motivate us to make more videos going forward. We have fun doing this, but it's a looooot of work just to make a 2-or-3-minute video.... and this one's 26 minutes!

PLEASE NOTE: we DO NOT violate copyrights in our videos. Just like YouTube videos such as Honest Trailers use movie clips, the samples we use from movies fall within the FAIR USE provisions of U.S. copyright law. "Examples of fair use in United States copyright law include commentary, search engines, criticism, parody, news reporting, research, and scholarship." Our videos would qualify as parody.