Home A'Grown (Growtopia Home Alone) VOTW 4/10~4/17 3 years ago

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UPDATE: This video won VOTW on April 10th! Thanks to all who believed in us, especially Neffy! Gracias, Amigo!

Growtopia Greviews presents: Home A'Grown
Coming this Winterfest to a GT movie world near you!

Grab the kids and catch the new winter hit: Home A'Grown.
When the McGralister family rushes out the door to visit the Growch, they inadvertently forget poor little Kevin.

At first Kevin's thrilled he has the house all to himself. But when burglars come along pretending to be Seth and Hamumu, it's up to poor little Kevin to protect his home, and himself.

About the creators:
We are a couple of American family members living in Taiwan who have been playing Growtopia for about 2 years. This is our first video, and we've been working on this project for several weeks. We are thrilled to have it ready in time for Winterfest 2016.

We hope all you GT players (and Home Alone fans) will enjoy it.. Please LIKE and share this video throughout the Growtopia-sphere, and please comment and subscribe.

We're too busy to be weekly GT Youtubers or regular GT forum contributors, but the more feedback and interest this video generates, the more it will motivate us to make more GT Greviews like this one, and hopefully even better ones!

PLEASE NOTE: we DO NOT violate copyrights in our videos. Just like YouTube videos such as Honest Trailers, any samples or clips we use from movies fall within the FAIR USE provisions of U.S. copyright law. "Examples of fair use in United States copyright law include commentary, search engines, criticism, parody, news reporting, research, and scholarship." Our videos would qualify as parody.